Hints & tips to help with your emergency lock issue

Here are a few easy handy hints & tips from a professional locksmith to try, that may save you money repairing your lock problems

All lock types opened and repairedMy Lock Has Seized

If you can place the key into the lock but it will not turn, the lock may have seized because of dirt or grime has got caught in the mechanism. One of the ways to clean the lock is to try and insert a damp cotton bud into the keyhole and move it around to attract any dirt or grime, then the lock needs to be lubricated DO NOT use oil for this as it can damage the lock. Instead use a purpose made silicone or graphite spray if possible with a directional nozzle apply the spray to the keyhole using the nozzle for better direction give a good spray and then try to insert the key back into the lock and give it a gentle wiggle to help spread the lubricant more evenly then try to turn the key again. (*Tip: Never force a key)

Cold weather frozen lock problem

When the weather becomes very cold do not disregard the possibility of a frozen lock, one way to thaw a lock out is to use a heated key you can try this with ease by warming the key either sitting it on a radiator to warm up or a faster way is place the key into a bowl of hot water. (always pay caution when using hot water) Use gloves to remove the key and then dry it and insert it slowly into the lock and again try to twist it with very little force.

My door does not catch shut

If the bolt is misaligned with the strike plate the latch will not catch when the door is pushed shut. If the misalignment is only slight, there are 2 small screws for adjustment, loosen them off (do not undo all the way out) then slide the catch to match (tighten screws). Failing that you could try filing the latch plate a little where it catches to see if it will accept the latch. It may be that the gap in the latch plate is not deep enough and the mortise bolt needs a deeper gap for the lock to work. If Non of these solutions help, then you can unscrew the strike plate on the frame and reposition it to match.

My door knob turns but the lock does not operate

If the lock is not operating when you turn the key the problem maybe with the locking mechanism itself in this case remove the lock and examine it to see if you can find any missing or worn parts. Unless the problem is obvious it is best to call an expert who can replace the entire locking mechanism after all, locks are not that expensive and replacing the entire lock would take a lot less time and effort than fiddling with parts on the existing lock.

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