Our helpful advice to help you improve your home security

Installing high security locks is a sensible place to start. It will strengthen your first line of defence and make it more difficult for anyone to break into your property.
The majority of doors in the UK are fitted with standard cylinder locks, but armed with a hammer or screwdriver and no necessary expertise, a burglar can break this type of lock in less than 13 seconds. Once they have snapped the cylinder the rest of the lock becomes vulnerable and in very little time they will have gained unauthorised access to your property and the belongings therein.

You might have several locking points or even deadbolts fitted to your door, but the main lock cylinder is the weakest point and once this is compromised your other attempts at home security may be futile.

Learn how to protect your home from lock snapping?

Install Anti Snap Locks

ABS locks feature a strengthened anti snap cylinder which will protect your property against lock snapping, bumping, drilling or picking – common techniques which burglars use to force their way into your home.
Standard euro cylinder locks can be directly replaced by anti-snap locks very quickly by a professional local locksmith. If anyone should attempt to snap the lock it will only break at the anti-snap line, leaving the rest of the locking mechanism intact and thus protecting you against forced entry.

Whilst you can order ABS anti snap locks online and fit them yourself it is worth remembering that even a high security lock that has been incorrectly fitted may not protect you in an attempted break in, so it is always advisable to use a locksmith to upgrade your locks. The added benefit of doing so is that they may highlight other vulnerabilities around your property such as broken or faulty window locks, which could be improved upon to enhance your overall home security.

It is said that around a quarter of all burglaries involve lock snapping, so why wait to become another statistic? Speak to your local locksmith today and upgrade your locks before it is too late.

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